Home Theatre System

Home Theatre Systems

Before there were movies, a night out at the theatre meant a night enjoying truly the finest acoustics. And even in today's cinema, great sound is an essential part of the theater-going experience. THEAUDIOGUY is dedicated to bringing that experience directly to you. We use the most up-to-date technologies in home automation, and lighting to provide you with a system that can truly transform your home into a theater.

And I also do basic home theater installations in Toronto.

Whether you want a custom home theater, lighting controls in your new home, or an integrated entertainment system in your existing residence, Theaudioguy delivers the technology solutions that put your needs front and center. We only use the most current and up to date technologies in home automation and lighting to truly transform your home into a theater.

Calling myself THEAUDIOGUY, one would hope I am capable of truly providing the value in my name. So I do make it a priority of making sure the customer is truly "wowed" before I leave the home. Many people I am noticing have now the high definition [video]bug ,, and loving it.

Now I am there to show them that with having a high definition video, audio is just as, if not more important to the experience. I say that because many I movie I loathed that sounded fantastic.

So, what you get with me is a system set up that friends will love, but more important you will cherish for years to come, guaranteed .

When the customer sits down with me and describes his budget, I make it work to sound good enough for me that I also can live with, if it was my home.

I will work with almost any budget to try to make it work.

So the key here is budget and affordability, remember installing basic home theaters in the GTA Toronto area is never refused.
Flat rate also available.

  • "We wanted to set up a home theater in our basement. We contacted a couple of companies. Vince was very fast in responding.He took the time to educate us on what system to purchase in order to get optimal sound.He answered all the questions we had, and walked us through the functionality of the various components. Everything is working well and all wires are hidden away. The finish product is amazing. We highly recommend Vince and will definitely use him again for future projects."

    Brice & Paule in Mississauga

  • “My AM/FM receiver was giving me problems for the last 1 month or so. Whenever the volume increased to a certain extent, it would turn off the system. After trying unsuccessfully with YAMAHA tech rep, I call in Vince. He was very punctual. Tried to give me suggestions over the phone and when it did not work, came at location and found out the issue. There was an issue in the left speaker of the sound bar and hence disconnected that speaker from the system and now the system works just fine. Just have to get that left speaker checked and repaired however it is working just fine without it. He also calibrated the whole system so that the impact of left speaker not working does not affect the quality and the feel of the sound....Great guy with sound knowledge."

    Victor P. in Thornhill

  • “My home theatre never functioned properly and I had to use several remotes to control each component which was sooo annoying! I called Vince and he worked with the components I had and got them to function properly. He set up everything including all hook ups. Vince got me a universal remote that replaced 4 cumbersome remotes that were sooo annoying to use! Now I sit in my family room and press ONLY 1 button on my new remote to watch TV, or movies or music, etc.... it's like heaven! In addition, he set me up with googl chromecast so I can use my iPhone and watch YouTube on my TV screen and control from my iphone....including my photos on my iphone. Thanks Vince...I have passed your name on to my friends and colleagues."

    Moe in Mississauga