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Home Theatre System
Cedia member [custom electronic design & installation association]

A beautiful home theater is about proper design , proper equipment selection, cabling, and qualified installation.

A Cedia certified professional has met vigorous industry standards and I have been formally educated and specifically trained with Cedia.

Today's plasma technology opens up many room design opportunities. For smaller rooms, hanging the TV on the wall gains 2 ft of floor space. Our installation staff specializes in locating all the electronic equipment, completly out of sight to maximize the space savings. This also adds to the slim look. Add flush mount speakers and a hidden subwoofer and you have a high performance surround sound system that takes up very little space.

From elegant artwork to modern design, plasma displays can be as prominent or discreet as you choose.

Set up basic home theater installation and high definition video in Toronto.

I provide high performance cabling, and I also provide purchasing where I will buy the audio equipment for you, (remote controls etc), set it up and away you go.
These days, more and more people are adding multi-room audio systems to their homes. And it's easy to see why ? multi-room systems allow you to enjoy your music more often, in more rooms of your home.

This can all be achieved with touch panels controls and imagine having all your movies and cd's at the click of a button.

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