Audio/Video Calibration

Audio Video Calibration

Calibrating your speakers is one of the best things you can do to optimize your sound. What happens when you calibrate your speakers? You listen to test tones to measure the sound level of each speaker with an SPL meter. You then calibrate each speaker, including the sub, to produce the same level of sound. This creates very full and balanced surround sound. No one speaker dominates over the others, allowing all your speakers to work as a whole, creating an awe-inspiring sound system.

After getting your speakers properly calibrated, you should notice a huge difference in how all your speakers blend together to produce a nice envelope of sound. However, you may find some aspects of the sound not to your liking. It's usually the surrounds and subwoofer levels in debate.

Try living with the surrounds properly calibrated before changing them. Most people prefer their surrounds louder since they want to emphasize the fact they actually have surround sound, but after a while this desire fades and the enjoyment of the system as a whole brings far greater satisfaction with more accurate sound. If you still desire to turn up the surrounds after living with them don't hesitate to do so. In the end it's your system, and it should play the way you want to hear it.

After calibration, you may find that that the sub has been calibrated too low for your taste. Raise the sub to a level that you like if you want more bass. It's hard to calibrate bass blindly. You run the risk of turning it up too much, producing bass that doesn't blend well with the other speakers and draws attention to itself.

If your listening to music and you find yourself glancing at the sub when it kicks in, you most likely have the sub up to high. The only way to calibrate your sub correctly is to start from the calibration point, and slightly turn it up followed by a quick test. It's shouldn't take to long to get it right, and you'll eventually find the level that's right for you. Again it's personal preference how you want your sub to sound. Speaker calibration gets your speakers to work together in perfect unison, and that's always a good place to start before tweaking the system to your tastes.

Acoustic treatments I have learned are basically placed on a wall or inside cavity to act as a first reflection point from the speakers to where the person is seated .
I was always into audio so I do realize that room acoustics ,dimensions ,
Plays a huge role in sound quality.

I always envied the sound I would get when listening to an high end audio system in an audio store and these treatments played a huge role in achieving that..
Not that I knew at the time what these 2 by 4 foot things on the wall were.

The human ear cannot deistinguish between direct and reflected sound unless the reflected sound is delayed at least 8 milliseconds from the original source (some studies say 10mS and others 12mS). This means that any sound the has been reflected off a wall, ceiling, floor or other object that arrive with-in 8mS will be perceived as being part of the source signal. Therefore, a tick on a hi-hat that is 10mS long will sound like it is as much a 18mS (or longer, up to 22mS, if you rely on data from other studies).

The majority of perceptual studies suggest this phenomena does not take away from the perception of the instruments an music as far as recognizing the sounds and locating them, but they do suggest the illusion of reality is lost due to these sub-8mS reflections. Studies by speaker manufacturers and acoustic engineers have also found that these reflection are detrimental to stereo imaging as the perceived point source for the sound is smeared away from the actual location of the speaker by the arrival of reflections off surfaces that are several feet away from the original source.

In the 1980s, there was a popular trend in room acoustics to build Live End/ Dead End (LEDE) room whereby all sound above 200Hz at the front of the room where the stereo speakers were located was absorbed by acoustical treatment and all sound as the rear of the room was 100% reflected, usually diffused with RPG diffusion panels. I helped build about a dozen LEDE rooms and the results were stunning, as all early reflections up to 20mS were eliminated, yet the reverbant sound was still present to satisfy the mind''s need for open sound without dead isolation.

Then along came multi-channel movies and the LEDE concept lost favor. There was no practical way to eliminate all early reflections for 5 speakers while still having a mostly live room. A new trend popped up to address the worse sources of early reflections for stereo listening while maintaining an open sound in the room.

This new approach involved using spot treatment of acoustic panel absorbers precisely located where the initial early reflections would occur. This meant small, usually 2 foot square sound panels placed on the walls right where the sound bounced off toward the listener. At first these panels were very large, but the got smaller over time.

These are also used to eliminate room echoes.

A more common, less time consuming solution is to apply absorption behind and next to the speakers and then smaller amounts on the side walls, rear walls and ceiling only where reflections occur. This usually yields excellent results, especially if nice broadband absorbing panels are used having smooth absorption to frequency

TV Calibration
Getting your TV to work correctly and placed in the right location puts you on the right track for using your TV in style, but it's the proper calibration of your TV's picture that'll make your mouth drop.

A properly calibrated TV allows you to view the best and most accurate color ever seen. After you've lived with a properly calibrated TV, you won't be able to imagine watching one that wasn't. You'll swear the image you see in the movie theater is dull and blurry compared to what you have at home. That's no exaggeration... it's just fact. Don't watch another movie until you properly calibrate your TV. You simply aren't watching movies in their full glory until you've done so

Viewing your TV after it's properly calibrated will make your mouth drop. The accuracy and clarity of the picture will rival even the best movie theater screens.

I do my best to calibrate or a proper ISF professional calibration is offered to spectacular results.

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