Home Theatre Installation

We offer a very full range of home theater surround sound installation packages. There are three main types of speakers that make up a surround sound package and we are versed in all of them and they have different applications. In wall speakers are cut into the sheetrock and have a flush mount look that can be either barely visible with white grills.

These can also be all inceiling speakers either all 5 or 7 or a combination of rear 2 inceiling speakers with 3 in the front and if wanted add 2 inside the rear wall together with the 2 Inceiling ones to give you a proper atmos theatre setup.

On wall speakers are speakers that hang on the wall. They are sometimes called satellite speakers when they are small but if high enough quality can have great impact and will usually sound better than an in wall speaker because they do not use the wall as the speaker cabinet.

Floor standing speakers are the largest and the best of the bunch standing on the floor or on stands and are by far the highest quality ranging from a few hundred and up.

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The Audio Guy Features

  • Planned considering the expert installer, the adaptable, versatile entire home sound arrangements, music choices in your hands.

  • Our rates are very affordable which includes awesome sound, hooking up all your equipment correctly and proper calibration of speakers evenly for true audio coming out of your system at its best.

  • Our Custom Media Room configuration group will help you in any capacity we can. Kindly call us today to plan a free in-home conference.

  • Home Encompass sound establishment can be precarious and there are numerous rules that ought to be kept for it to seem like the craftsman expected.

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