Multiroom audio services

The Audio Guy

If you want to convert your home into a home theatre or if the weekend party is your thing, then a good quality audio system is for you.

Simply put, a multi-room audio system setup refers to the capacity to listen to music in multiple rooms. You'll be able to listen to different songs in numerous rooms at one time, the same music in each room, or simply a handful at a time, depending on the system you choose.

However, choosing the best quality out of many options is a little tricky. But, with THEAUDIOGUY, the task becomes slightly easy. We offer multiroom audio that can be controlled by a phone, an iPad, or an Android device.

Our multi-room systems installation services allow you to connect your audio set with four or six other sources, like Internet music streamers, CD changers, audio/video receivers, and satellite radio tuners, to name a few.

The multi-audio system consists of six keypads. It allows you to control the playback in each of your listening areas. Power, source selection, volume, bass, treble, and balance are all controlled via pushbuttons. The keypads also have an infrared (IR) sensor built-in, allowing you to control playback from across the room with the provided wireless remote.

The efficient team of THEAUDIOGUY helps the client from designing the wire run to selecting speakers, and we can assist you in putting together the perfect system. Unless your home is already wired with CAT-5 or 6 and speaker cables, installing this system will need you to put wiring through your walls.

We may also install all-weather multiroom audio services to complement your decor.

For added protection, we can include enclosures or other weatherproofing options with the installation of televisions, projectors, and other equipment.

With THEAUDIOGUY, you can also get the possibility of expansion. Hence if you want to enjoy your music in more than the six rooms, then we assist you in spreading music in up to 36 regions of your home using additional controllers/amplifiers, and extra gear.

We provide many more services other than a multi-room audio system setup. Contact our expert team, and we assure you of the best quality product at a very affordable price.